If “in-the-box” thinking is holding back your team and products, NgEK can engage with processes that draw out new perspectives and foster game changing innovation. This isn't just marketing hype, we have customers that have gone from approaches that failed to delivering new generation systems that dramatically improve competitive position and open new markets.

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Founding Year: Incorporated in 2003

Industry Leading Milestones:
NgEK has enabled the state of the art in commercial transportation.

  • First low emission diesel combustion control; used by all Cummins engines since 2002.
  • Highest fuel economy diesel electric hybrid control; in active service with FedEx, UPS, Coke
  • Fast, efficient automated manual transmission control; market leading product for on/off road commercial trucks.

NgEK can provide the training, management and design innovation to give you competitive advantage.

  • Organization: product management and planning, resource estimates and schedule
  • Process: proven methods for delivering reliable systems on time and within budget.
  • Design: innovative architecture and algorithm implementations.

Innovative Approaches:
Processes for organization, design and innovation are the foundation for creating competitive advantage.

  • Architecture Process: a systems engineering approach to solving complex problems.
  • Flow of Control: a design pattern for creating a flexible and configurable control system.
  • Robust by Design: a technique for handling degraded operation in a single algorithm instead of switching between “modes”.